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“I have come to respect Sue’s deep commitment to learning. Beyond her commitment, she is masterful at creating an environment conducive to learning. She is effective I doing so at the individual or diverse group level. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and wisdom captivated my staff. In just a few hours, I believe Sue helped them see inside themselves. They learned new techniques and truly identified with potential pitfalls of miscommunication—the net result was a more open and effective environment.” …Director, Hospital Pharmacy Services

What is your definition of success? As the world becomes increasingly complex, many of us would be hard-pressed to answer that question. And yet, without a clear picture of what it means to be successful and the ability to skillfully move toward that vision, individuals, teams and organizations can slowly drift off-course.

Welcome to Centered on Success! I’m Sue Kiernan, President and Founder. It is my pleasure to give you a brief overview of my company: why it exists, what it stands for, and how we work. We are a group of professionals whose sole aim is to bring consciousness, clarity, precision and heart to every interaction that occurs in the workplace. Our goal is to create common ground—an environment in which people at all levels know themselves, know one another, and possess the skills necessary to skillfully communicate and productively interact.

If ever we needed to pay close attention to how we communicate, it is now. How we communicate today—individually and collectively—shapes the world we will all live and work in tomorrow. And while most of us are born with the natural ability to talk, skillful communication is learned. Just as a master craftsman studies and refines his craft over time, we are a team of Master Communicators. Each one of us brings an extensive repertoire of communication and leadership skills that have been developed and refined over time in the ‘real world’ of work. But even more importantly, each of us brings heart and passion to every client we serve.

  Our experience demonstrates that most people genuinely want to be more effective communicators. What most limits them is:
Insufficient knowledge/tools
Inadequate opportunity for practice, feedback, and refinement

Through the vehicles of training, consulting and coaching, our goal is to assist you in identifying your strengths as well as your opportunities for growth, give you access to the tools that will help you close that gap, and follow up with coaching so that what you learn can be fine-tuned and sustained.

Thank you for visiting our website. On the following pages you will find more information about our programs and services. We would be delighted to visit with you further to determine whether what we offer is what you or your organization are looking for.


Sue Kiernan, MA/PCC
President and Founder


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