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“Centered on Success is the perfect name for this coach’s work. Sue has really helped me get centered in order to be so much more successful. Her ability to listen deeply and provide impactful feedback is extraordinary. She has started me on a road to help those who report to me, my peers and my boss.” …Manager

We are all students in the School of Life. What and how we choose to learn is up to us. We would be delighted to assist you, your team, or your entire organization in achieving your developmental initiatives. This is how we approach learning:
1. We utilize only interactive, experientially based methods in our workshops. Each program is carefully constructed to combine information acquisition with real-life scenario practice and feedback. We utilize a coaching style throughout our programs. We are always looking for ways to help participants incorporate the learning into an approach that works for them personally.
2. We do not believe in one-size fits all programs. We work with you prior to the program to ensure that what we present is customized—aligned with your organization’s culture and preferences.
3. We provide follow-up for all our programs. Organizations invest substantial financial and human resources in staff development. Unfortunately, most teaching stops just when the learning is about to begin. It has been said that breakdowns are treasures. We learn best by practicing, processing, and refining. That requires an ongoing learning structure. By building follow-up sessions into our programs up-front, we attract only those clients that are interested in working with us over time so they can keep moving steadily toward mastery.
4. We focus as much on the tool-user as we do on the tool. We believe that what most stands in the way of effectively utilizing a specific skill is not at the task level, but rather at the relationship and self level. Our emphasis on emotional intelligence competencies provides rich opportunities to examine ineffective mental models and self-limiting beliefs…elements that can greatly reduce our ability to be effective and fulfilled in our work.
5. We sincerely care about our clients! We are greatly invested in their success! Because we bring a rich background of real-life experience to our teaching, consulting and coaching, we are able to view any situation from many perspectives. We believe that the majority of professionals truly want to improve their skills at work. They just aren’t always sure how to do that. We are experts at bringing out the best in our clients.

Centered on Success
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